About the Uguisu Ribbon Campaign

The U-gu-i-su (a Japanese singing bird) Ribbon is a campaign designed to improve awareness regarding protecting freedom of speech. The uguisu was chosen as the symbol for the campaign as the small bird enjoys great freedom to chirp and sing, and thus acts as a representation of our desire to pass along a free society with a rich culture to the next generation.

Free speech is not a hollow ideal nor an abstract concept that exists merely on the pages of legal books. It is an inalienable right that each of us are born with as we enter into this world and depriving someone of this freedom must not be tolerated.
We aim for the Uguisu Ribbon campaign to be a non-partisan movement, a cooperative effort where individuals of different political and ideological affiliations can work together, bridging over differences in political and social positions.

Your courage is essential in order to protect freedom of expression.
Please join us in the Uguisu Ribbon campaign.

Uguisu Ribbon Campaign
Founder OGINO Kotaro

13-24 Mitojima-honcho, Fuji, Shizuoka, 416-0924 Japan
Tel&Fax +81-545-61-0507
e-mail info@uguisu-ribbon.org